Politics & Culture of Mexico Essay

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Politics and Culture of Mexico

SOC315: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Instructor Theodore
July 2, 2012

While politics in Mexico may one day be good for the people of Mexico, the current state of the country is not so good. The poverty level of Mexico has always been high, the country is known to be run by drugs and horrible, inhumane working conditions are common because of outside business coming in and taking advantage of what people will do for little money in the country. The people of Mexico have never had a chance to actually maintain control over who actually runs their country since Spanish settlers and conquistadors conquered Aztec and Mayan in Mexico early in the 16th century, as stated in our text (Mislan
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Children who drop out of school to help support a family is not uncommon, especially amongst boys. As the years go on, family sizes are decreasing but, with more family members working to support one another.
Weintraub, S. (August, 2008). Mexico is Facing a Difficult time. Issues in International Political Economy. Number 104. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) http://csis.org/files/media/csis/pubs/issues200808.pdf Weintraub, the author of the study researches the harsh realities that the Mexican people must deal with on a daily basis, drug cartels. He speaks of a world that people outside of Mexico have only read in books or have only seen in movies. Innocent people, women and children included, are being murdered because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Weintraub says of what he notes that is happening in Mexico, “What I fear is not understood by many drug enforcement officials in the United States is that President Calderón is unable to provide his public with the basic service demanded from a leader—security on the streets. It is U.S. money that is at the heart of this insecurity.” Saying because Americans continue to contribute to the drug trade, buying and selling for drug cartels, the drug industry will always reign over government so long as there is not enough money or a better plan put in place to keep this from