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Look me in the eye – My life with Asperger’s
Author: John Elder Robison
Biography of: John Elder Robison
Publisher: Crown Publishers
Early years: John had a dad that became alcoholic, and a mom that had become ill. His brother Augusten had parents that wanted to be together. John and Augusten only had each other for a while, until John left Augusten when he was only 8. At sixteen, John was a young, undisciplined, unsupervised genius, loose in the world. He was a story teller, but when he grew he became a businessman instead of a writer. In 2005, their father became terminally ill and John became distraught. Augusten then sent him an email to write about how John feels about the situation. A few days later, John sent Augusten an essay of how he felt. It taught John how to manage with his disease and it taught Augusten that people with Asperger’s do have emotions and can show them.
John’s mom was an artistically gifted homemaker. John’s dad was a young professor. John dropped out f high school in tenth grade.

Main Accomplishments: John’s Asperger’s gave him a rare insight into electronics. John joined a band, which led to a bigger band, and eventually led to designing special effect guitars for KISS by the late 1970s. From making Mercedes and land rovers in the driveway began J E Robison Service grew into one of the most independent repair businesses in New England. After meeting therapists with a lust of land rovers, they became friends. The therapists had studied John, and had introduced him to Asperger’s Syndrome; A form of autism. That’s when John had started speaking out for others who have Asperger’s and now they don’t have to grow up not knowing.

Goals and if they worked:
1) He wanted to fit in. No, because he has Asperger’s and people then and now judge to easily.
2) He wanted to speak out for others who have Asperger’s, and to tell them that it’s okay. Yes, because now he works with many committees to make sure it happens.
The therapists influenced him to make these achievements.

Did he influence the community/ world?
John Elder