Politics in Classroom Essay

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Politics in the Classroom Among the duration of this class we have discussed a hefty amount of controversial topics. From the beginning of the course Elizabeth stated that “she loved arguing and getting a good discussion going.” This is exactly what the goal was for this class and it was pretty clear from the start. Some of the discussions people did not agree with but that is just how it is sometimes in a college classroom setting. Immigration and gay marriage are two of the topics that come to me off the top of my head. We discussed these in class throughout the semester at some point and time. Whether they follow the basic “guidelines” of the article “Putting Politics Where It Belongs: In The Classroom” was a little bit unclear before reading the article. There are three types of framing when it comes to discussing such topics in the classroom. The first is open, according to the article, is a problem that can have different answers and can still be legit. The next type is closed, according to the article, is a problem that really only has one answer. The last type is tipping, according to the article, is a problem that can move from open to closed. Depending on what country or region you live in or just who the individual is will determine what type of problem the topic just might be. Growing up under a roof that accepted all races and religions it is very easy to accept different races entering this country. Immigration has been a big problem to a lot of people in the past few decades and does not seem to be getting any better. Immigration is something that many people agree and disagree with as a country. Since the early 1900s, there have been immigrants coming to America overseas from Europe and Asia. I feel that this problem would be an open problem. The reasoning behind that conclusion would be that there are so many different opinions about this topic. People very strongly disagree and agree with the idea of immigration. Immigration in my eyes is a benefit to this country as well as a harmful matter. The benefits behind immigration are the fact that most of us are here because of immigration when our great grandparents and grandparents moved to America. Another benefit would be the idea of a “melting pot”. That idea is the diversity effect on the US today that has been in effect for decades. Immigration definitely adds diversity to the population. One of the harmful factors that is brought upon by immigration is the over population that might someday be the US. Also, a problem that comes with immigration is drug smuggling. In a recent criminology course, there was an entire section on immigration and illegal drug smuggling. It is a very big problem when it comes to letting so many different types of people in to this country. Another topic that we discussed was the idea of gay marriage; I believe we discussed this during the rhetorical analysis stage of the semester. Also, coming from a very open home this topic was never a problem in discussion. Although, in the real world this problem is at large. Some states do not allow gay marriage; therefore, this problem would be labeled as a tipping problem. The idea is closed in some states while in other states the idea of gay marriage is open for