Politics introduction to one nation conservtivsm Essay

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‘One nation’ conservatism is the idea that society is part of one single body – the nation. Some Conservatives believe that classes should work together to maintain the welfare of the nation. And that the role of the state is to ensure unity of society. David Cameron (Current leader of the conservative party) has proclaimed himself as a one nation conservative. One nation conservatives are committed to reforms that make people feel part of the nation, and that social reform is essential in order to preserve society. ‘One nation’ conservatism came about by Benjamin Disraeli who wanted to change the UK from two nations (rich and poor) to one nation.
On the other hand the army provided more support for the republic, rather than the opposition, giving the government hope of success. The support came though there use of violence. This is evident in the scenes of Casa Viejas 1933. Farmers in the town were angered by the slow pace of agrain reform and inaction of this they attacked local civil guard barracks and also killed a few. In reaction to this the government sent the assault guards to count6er the violence who were effectively Spain’s army. Many people were killed as the assault guards displayed their brutality and crushed resistance. Some historians may state that the brutality of the army. Under government caused the failure of the republic because of the embarrassment of their actions. The violent actions caused many deaths within the working class, which effectively caused the lost of support from them. Above all the army were more beneficial to eh second republic rather than opposing them and leading them to failure. This is because they were a strong shield to the republic, by enforcing rules and crushed all resistance left, ultimately keeping them in power.
Finally came the opposition of the land and working class, which proved to be significantly responsible for the failure of the second republic. During 1931-33 unemployment was a very big issue, having only seasonal unemployment…