Politics of Travel Essay

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From “The Politics of Travel”.
Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries today. Thousands of people travel every day all around the world. People used to think that the tourism helps with the country’s economy, profits and development of local attractions and natural resources. However, there are some negative issues for a country produced by tourism.
One of the most negative side effect caused by tourists is pollution. The more people come to visit a place, the big areas will get dirty. Destroying nature’s resources by throwing waste and garbage away puts the nature, wild animals, water and beautiful beaches in danger. There is an easy way not to prevent but at least to reduce the loss caused by visitors. If every tourist can be a little more responsible for their own actions, there won’t be so much waste at local popular attractions. You just need to throw your garbage at the place specially made for it. The other problem is that instead of keeping and saving the culture and traditions of the country, tourism can ruin nation’s ethnic culture. Local people can have different ways of thinking, communication, beliefs and concepts of life. By disrespecting local values and traditions tourists can wreck traditional values. Visitors come from around the world. As a result, native people are replacing their own traditions, culture and vision with visions they take from visitors, which are not always good ideas and actions. The other problem tourism can bring is the materialism of the natives. The other very important issue people on our planet have is the global warming. Gas, electricity, pollution created by