Politics: Political Corruption and Campaign Funds Essay

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Politics and... Conflicts of Interest – Ch. 22, pg. 712
By: Khadijah Ware

Every year politicians spend more on campaigns than before. While there are various statues and acts in effect that seek to remedy the unfortunate situation of conflict of interest concerning campaign funding, this is an issue that continues today. The idea that politicians are liars is one that runs rampant in nearly every American's mind, whether it be politicians at the state or national level. This may be perhaps due to the fact that many are simply saying that any given interest group wants to hear. There is a deep relationship between interest groups who are willing to provide very necessary campaign funds and politicians who are willing to say anything to win their position and stay there as long as possible. Because of this mutual relationship, conflict of interest becomes a real problem. Imagine that real legislation needed to be passed for the good of the state, but one politician is into it with an interest group who promises campaign funds in return for support. That legislation will probably not get passed. On the other hand, a politician voting towards something they sincerely believe in, but isn't in line with something an interest group has in mind, may not receive adequate support for his next election; we lose good politicians to this corrupt game in both ways. Incumbency is out of sight when one isn't aligned with the proper group to give campaign funds, and is almost