Essay on Politics: Pregnancy and Planned Parenthood

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Based on my research, Paula Wendt is Clinic Director at the Meadowbrook Women’s Clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Author has also fought in many lawsuits against Minnesota law that required from parents consent for minor’s abortion; she believes this invaded the privacy and jeopardized the health of pregnant minors. I would consider this text from this author trustworthy because is written by a person who is specialized in this subject. Wendt works for organization that is dedicated to provide pregnant teenagers support and information to help them to make right choice: aborting the unborn child, setting the baby for adoption or consider parenting.

Thesis: Emotional consequences of an abortion in pregnant teenagers.

Intro: Interview with a Director of the Planned Parenthood from Minnesota, Minneapolis about emotions and possible outcomes of abortion in teens.

DEVELOPMENT: 1. Most teenagers know that abortions are legal (since 1973). * Majority of state required a parental consent * Pregnant teenagers can avoid telling parents by making appointment to appear before a judge/ who usually sigh a petition without the parent knowing. 2. Emotional aspect of not telling parents about teens decision * Afraid not to be “perfect” child anymore * Parents might be hurt or disappointed * Parents expecting to break up relationship with boyfriend * Having sexual abusive / or violent parent, which might force teen to keep the baby 3. Mixed feelings about abortion *…