Politics: Upper Management Essay

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In order to change the bad politics in a company the change needs to come from the top. The CEO needs to be committed to changing bad politics. If the change is not pushed by upper management the culture will not change. It’s likely in the case of bad politics that there is little upward evaluation or feedback up the ladder at all. It may be useful to have all of upper management attend some meetings on collaboration and teamwork. The CEO could communicate to all of its managers how important the sessions are and encourage that everyone embrace a new culture. Only then would it be possible to initiate the changes necessary to invoke new hiring practices. The culture in a company has to be one where it listens to good ideas with solid evidence regardless of internal politics. HR will need to work with middle and upper manager and coach them on proper politic workplace skills. The HR rep will need to be in all meetings and or on the floor taking notes in order to develop a tailored coaching approach for different managers. A presentation of a report that examines the root causes of the bad politics in the workplace should be done in front of all senior management. Feedback sessions or some kind of development meetings should be scheduled in groups or one on one if needed. I would suggest a half day meeting at least once a period, and once improvement is made quarterly, that is designed to build a team and how to communicate effectively up and down and build