Poll Can Finds Little Faith In Nation's Leaderships

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Poll finds little faith in nation’s leaders

This article covered the recent state of the union presidential address. I was also showing that his approval rate is decreasing, which is not a good thing, with this being an important election year quickly approaching. The story dove deep into the flailing popularity of our president. “His current approval stands at 46 percent, up from a low of 42 percent in November.” (Dan Balz, 2014) It brought forth facts from both sides of the coin. It has facts from the opposing side as well as the ones that were still in favor of the presidents abilities to perform. It did ignore some facts about the things the President has been able to accomplish and focused more on the short comings of his career as of late, but it does touch base on some both the positive and the negative. Without getting to political, I am one that would be labeled a liberal republican. I think it is important not to jump to conclusion or go into reading something with a biased perspective. In doing so you will not be able to fully grasp the full story of what you are reading. If you go into something with your mind already set. You will not be willing to accept any new information that is placed in front of you. Depending on where you see the news report or hear it will also determine what facts are implied and what ones are left out. News stations are biased in their own way. CNN is more on the neutral side, while channels like Fox News is conservative and MSNBC