Pollution and Plants Essay

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Sandra Saenz
General Botany

How and why is all life dependant on life plants? Plants are very essential for survival to all forms of life, by providing us with oxygen and being a major supplier of food. Plants practice photosynthesis and the product of it bring us oxygen, also help removing the excess of carbon dioxide out into the earth’s atmosphere and purifying and distributing the water of the planet, by a method called “transpiration”. Human nutrition is dependent on plants, either indirectly or directly. Throughout years, many plants have been used as food for humans, or to feed our food source, such as herbivores who have provided us with an unlimited amount of foods and beverages, some to happen to be extremely healthy and useful to humans. Plants are known to provide animals with shelter, and produce clothing material and medicine. It is said that one fourth of the drugs available for prescription derive from plants, and are important into joining the help to search for cancer drugs, and are often used for natural products used in our everyday lives. Thousands of plants are being cultivated everyday for aesthetic purposes. They can prevent soul erosion, provide privacy, abate noise, modify temperatures and provide shades. Plants help for the existence of multi dollar per year industry of tourism, which includes the traveling of forests, rainforests, national parks, botanical gardens and others. Plants is the backbone of all habitats, for the way animals are able to depend so much on it for shelter and food.

How have humans impacted plants and the environment since 1900? The fast increase of human population is the result of the excessive amount of demands to better on natural resources, agriculture, and livestock, however many negative impacts have come along with it. Chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides used to increase production of crops, and although it works, they pollute the air, soil, and water with extremely toxic chemicals. Humans have also removed trees and other plants to develop larger areas of cultivation and increase cities, which affects many animals for they are left