Pollution Blankets Toronto Essay

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Pollution blankets Toronto
Smog a big problem

Aaron Pereira
Field Journalist for the Brown Dots
Photos by AmericaninCanada,s Photostream
(CN Tower in downtown Toronto covered in a blanket of smog)
Walking down the streets of Toronto, during the crowded summer months, you may have noticed low dark fog which lingers under your nose and makes breathing hard and unclean.

This unnatural fog is called smog. Smog is fog that has become mixed and polluted with smoke. Smog is affecting Torontonians in a bad way. From residents to city workers in Toronto, smog is causing sickness and death. The warm summer months and extensive air pollution from man made products and natural events that cause the fog to be polluted.

The smog has been all the talk for the workers in Toronto (but do not live there) because of the risk of getting sick on a daily commute. People residing in Toronto also are feeling the disadvantages of smog. Smog was much in evidence in Toronto during the past summer months, when it was a frequent topic of discussion amongst afflicted city dwellers (Canadian Chemical News)

People living and commuting to Toronto who are not taking precautions have to be hospitalized for serious sickness. Ontario has endured 21 days under various smog alerts, more than any year ever before, and the peak summer season hasn't even started yet. It is quite literally making people sick. Ontario's Medical Association today projected 17,000 Ontarians will be hospitalized this year as a result of the poisons carried in the haze. Worse still, 5,800 will die prematurely. (Smith)
The smog levels here in Toronto are one of the highest in the country because of the abundance of technology and people.
Many Torontonians are embracing winter which will put an end to the smog in the air.
It occurs only in summer when ozone can be formed by photochemical reactions between nitrogen oxides ([NO.sub.x]) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or carbon monoxide (Canadian Chemical News)

Smog is composed mainly of ground-level ozone. Ozone is three oxygen molecules bound together and at the ground level, is usually created by sunlight reacting with volatile organic matter, nitrous oxides and regular oxygen compounds.( Wyld)

Smog is a dangerous substance. It contains many harmfull chemicals, such as Co2. Smog pollution is broken up into two difrent types. Man made and natural events. Man made pollutions are pollution that comes from commercial items made for man by man. Such examples are factories and cars. Also pollution from other places from the world are carried hear by the winds and air form smog here.
The process begins in the Gulf of Mexico. Hot air heads north combining with pollution from 200 coal-fired American power plants. Add in millions of cars, Canada's own industry, and you've got a stewing pot of smog spreading across Eastern Canada. Toronto's C.N. Tower is now routinely obscured, shrouded by billions of tiny sulphur