Pollution: Global Warming and Larger Water Bodies Essay

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English 095
Professor Clarkson

Global Warming is fast and deadly

Many people throughout the world from different countries and continents recycle and most of us don’t. That has led to the great cause of Global Warming. Global Warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere. Global Warming effects our everyday lives and it occur cause of Air Pollution, Deforestation, and Human Activities. Global Warming occurs everywhere and it doesn’t affect just the U.S but everywhere which is why we need to react fast and make it stop.

Air Pollution is a major cause of Global Warming. Air pollution is bad as it can cause lung irritation, burning eyes, coughing and chest tightness. Air pollution also affects the environment by destroying the ozone layer resulting and creating acid rain which destroys the buildings, Animals and also lead to many dangerous diseases like cancer, skin burns and the death of plants. It also reduces oxygen in air which most people should know that having our oxygen reduced is deadly and can kill us.

Deforestation is also a major cause of Global Warming. Deforestation is when humans remove or clear large areas of forest lands to make room for human settlement and urbanization (Make room for Buildings, Shelter, Industries and roads). Plants give us oxygen which is the most important thing for our survival. If trees are cut, plants will not produce oxygen and Carbon Dioxide will start taking place. Increase of carbon dioxide in the air is harmful for human beings because it disrupts the water cycle. If the Water Cycle is disrupted then the atmosphere and water bodies begin to dry out. That means less