Pollution: Petroleum and Electric Vehicles Essay

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What are you really paying for when you buy gasoline at the pump?
Imagine saving one day in America ­­­­––In a beautiful, sunny day, sitting in traffic, driving to work or school, with the fresh breeze hitting your face knowing that there is no pollution coming out of your tail pipe. Although it might not seen like a reality if could be possible if they were more electrical vehicles been used. The United States should promote the use of electric vehicles because it will achieve freedom from oil, The United States will spend less money, and it will be less air pollution.
“The United States consumed 18.6 million barrels per day of petroleum products during 2012, making us the world's largest petroleum consumer.”(Eia.gov) It is been said that The United States it is relying on oil 99%. Therefore, the prices of gas have been increasing over the years and will keep on increasing day by day.
Critics argue that they are willing to pay for the high price of gas because the electric cars are way more expensive. An average person spends from 400-500 dollars a month for gasoline. You can least a car for half of what you are already paying for gasoline, for only 260 dollars a month. “ Let the oil company pay for your car” (Scott, Paul). Instead of giving the oil company your money by paying for gas let them pay for your car. This will only generate more jobs in the community instead of shipping the money out of the country.

“ Our nation sends up to a third of a trillion dollars overseas each year to purchase foreign oil, often produced by countries that are unstable or unfriendly to American interest.” (Hodgdon, Sarah) During 2012, over 50% of U.S. crude oil and petroleum products imports came from the Western Hemisphere including Canada with 28%, Saudi Arabia with 13%, Mexico with 10%, Venezuela with 9%, and Russia with 5%. One of our largest sources of oil and petroleum product imports were Canada and Saudi Arabia.
Some people may argue that The United States’ political alliance with the Saudi leadership that has lasted for decades it is a good thing for The United States. But what are we really supporting? Saudi Arabia have one hundred of thousands dollars from oil but what they will do with that money? That money it only benefits their leaders and not the population to build school and hospitals for the community; instead they hire guard to keep people at bay. Saudi Arabian people hate woman; woman are treaded as property. By buying their oil we are supporting this cause.
“ Foreign oil purchases are also responsible for about 50% of the U.S. trade deficit” ( Hodgdon, Sarah) We are shipping over four hundred billion dollars every years out of our country to buy oil–– That four hundred billion dollars constitutes 50% of our national trade deficit. If that money was expended locally it will create more jobs in the community. Also 8% of unemployment rate will drop to 4%. By achieving freedom from oil the United States will also benefit by start spending less money.
“The U.S. armed forces spend up to $83 billion annually protecting vulnerable infrastructure and patrolling oil transit routes.” ( Hodgdon, Sarah) We have fought so many wars because of oil; One of them, the Iraq War–– We spend 1.5 trillion dollars on that Iraq war. Approximately we lost over 5 thousand death soldiers, and 10’s of thousands severely wounded. With this severely wounded soldiers they will have to for their care for the rest of their lives which approximately that is going to be at least a trillion dollars.
Some people say, “We have to protect our oil other wise some other people will steal it from us” but is it really worth a life? So many brave soldiers will risk anything just for their country, The United States, but a live for the price of fuel it is a really high price to pay, “ Out of 24 fuel convoys we use in Afghanistan, a soldier or marine is killed or wounded guarding that convoy” (Mabus, Roy). The spending of less money