Pollution: Temp Employee Agreement Essay

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To be considered for employment by PROFESSIONALS for NONPROFITS (PNP), I agree to the following: 1. I understand that I am an employee of PNP and that PNP is an equal employment opportunity employer and follows all laws regarding employee rights in the workplace. I understand that this is not an employment contract and either I or PNP can terminate my employment at any time for any lawful reason.

2. I understand that I must represent PNP in a professional, business‐like, and ethical manner at any and every assignment that I am given.

3. I authorize PNP to share with any client any information I provide to PNP or which PNP obtains for the purpose of evaluating my suitability for any direct hire or temporary assignment.

4. I agree that information about my compensation is confidential and private. Accordingly, I agree not to discuss with or disclose to any PNP client or temp employee any information about my compensation.

5. I understand that I am NOT an employee of any PNP client to which I am assigned or referred to for any temporary assignment. I understand that I have no claim or right to participate in any welfare or benefit plan that any PNP client offers to its permanent employees regardless of the length of my assignment.

6. I understand that I may be entrusted with confidential or proprietary information while on assignment. It is my responsibility to protect confidential information and I agree not to remove, copy or use any such information. Breach of confidentiality will result in corrective action, up to and including termination of employment. 7. I agree to comply with the work rules and practices required by PNP or any PNP client to which I may be assigned, including dress codes, work hours, locations, instructions, and performance criteria. I agree to contact PNP, and not the client to which I am assigned, if I should encounter any workplace problems.

8. I agree that all computers, software, phones, office machines, and other equipment I may use on any assignment are the sole property of the client or PNP, and that I have no right or authority to use any such facilities except in the performance of my assigned duties as authorized by the client in each instance.

9. I agree not to solicit or accept any