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* 1Success? Measure: # of times UN has success. intervened in situation, progress in the area; security issues—evolution from ceasefires(keep status quo in Israel 1948 when Arabs attack) to coercive action(Korea, 1950, breach of peace, authorized military) to peacekeeping(1956, Suez Canal, using Uniting 4 Peace Res. For UNEF as buffer) to Cold War lull to many op’s since CW end (Gulf War); respons. to protect; transformation to peacebuilding (Peacebuilding Commission in Sierra Leone after UNAMSIL made region stable) * 1Failure? Development- “center” vs. “periphery”, WTO/GATT(gen. agree. Tariff/trade) holding free trade up (export-heavy developings), Western nations not wanting to pay for foreign aid (SUNFED no monetary support, programs fail if not voluntarily given $); failure of New Intl Econ Order by G77; HR- better, with IBHR (I. Cov. Of C/P & ESC,76), but still lack of action when costs too much (Rwanda, Darfur/not Europe) * 2Mixture- UN defends developing states’ sovereignty at times(Kuwait, Trusteeship), but generally developing nations’s sov. is undermined (Haiti has UN-MIH/SMIH/TMIH, MIPONUH); nonforcible sanctions also tell countries that they can’t make decisions for themselves(Iraq, South Africa arms embargo/econ. Sanct); developed, strong nations aren’t affected (US, West Europe how many missions?) * 3Outside- Sec- not as reliant, but UN does need funding/troops/civilians for peacekeep ops, UN codifies many norms as intl law, but some aren’t (Geneva); HR/Dev- reliant; need voluntary $ for UNDP, gets help from NGO’s (Red Cross, Human Rights Watch), codifies and affirms other treaties * 4/5- Congo Free…