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Chapter 1
Freedom, Order, Or Equality
Government- The “legitimate” use of force to control human behavior. (What makes someone legitimate?)
National sovereignty- A political entity’s externally recognized right to exercise final authority over its affairs.
League of Nations/ U.N. / World Court
Purposes of Government
Maintaining order
If there is no order…there is no freedom
(maintaining a balance of order/freedom)
a. Hobbes- Authority and obedience results in he security of a civil society (Leviathan)
b. Locke- Protection of life, Liberty, and Property-basic objective of government.
“consent of the governed”
c. strong government protects the rights of life liberty and property
d. Communism- Ownership of land and production in the lands of the people (government)
Providing Public Goods
Benefits and services that benefit all citizens but aren’t likely to be produced voluntarily by individuals
B. Aqueducts, highways, utilities, parks, etc.
C. How far does it go?
Purposes of Government
Promoting equality
Sharing some “wealth to the lower class”
A. Fairly new idea of government
B. Initially it was something inherent in protecting order
C. Welfare and poverty programs
D. Redistributing income
(From each according to his ability to ah according to his needs?) *CARAL MARKS-ECONOMIST
Race, Gender, Orientation, National Origin, etc.
Analyzing Government- Conceptual Framework
Concepts that identify the values pursues
Concepts that describe the model of gov’t:
Majoritarian Democracy – VOTE BY MAJORITY
Pluralist Democracy
Freedom From… Liberty- Absence of constraints
Freedom From… (equality)Absence of exploitation or oppression
Narrow- Preserving life and property
Broader- Preserving social order
Police Power- the authority of government to maintain order and safeguarded citizens health, morals, safety, and welfare
Political Equality- One person, One vote(NICEST FORM OF EQUALITY
Social Equality- wealth, education, status
Equality of Opportunity- Same chance to try to succeed
Equality of Outcome-designing policies to redistribute wealth and status so that economic and social equality is actually achieved.