Polution: Ozone Depletion and World Obligate Factories Essay example

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Human Pollution
Have you ever heard of the pollution invasion? It’s the new part of the humans destroying series. This part has the most adventurous and embarrassing episodes. Each episode makes its own touch on the nature. If you saw its trailer, you would like to watch it right away with three dimensional techniques. The new style in this part is that the evil wins every time, and the people are enjoying this success. Can you imagine people are going to die by the cause of their smile? It shows the stupidity of such people. These people are us, the human citizens of this earth. We watch the nature of our home that gave us a good and healthy life for all these years become destroyed. We are always searching for money and rest. One of the episodes that this part shows is the “Ozone Depletion,” which now, is no way less dangerous from the new things that have showed up. This depletion has caused almost 70% of new diseases in which we have never heard about. It has also caused scientists to not create medicine that can cure people. Can they tell us how they are going to fix this hole they have created simply for the other destruction? I can offer them an idea where they can make an elevator 35 kilometers high and use mud to close it and prevent sunray leaks, but since this will cost too much money, I can offer another idea. My offer is that have each government in the world obligate factories and cars to use filters. This will decrease the polluted fame, which is a major…