Race In America Under President Obama

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Harpal Singh
Dr. Fabian Biancardi
Political Science
3 December, 2014

Multi-Media Assignments

Race in America under President Obama

I believe that Obama and his people have used the race card so much that it has divided the country. We do not need his negative way of thinking. I have never seen such a divided society and this only started since Obama was elected in 2008. We need to get back being a positive thinking country where Obama has tried his best. He encourages the negative racism talk and right now we need to focus on getting our country back on track rather than on racism. If that's the only way he can win, then he deserves to lose. Furthermore, I believe that Racism was always there, it was just behind the scenes. You can search many study after study showing how a black person with the same healthcare, education, and job as a white person received worse treatment, promotions, and loans than their counterpart. Obama hasn't even hinted at threatening white privilege and whites are beside themselves trying to undermine an enemy that isn't there. In fact, with the talking down to black people at the same time he GIVES white failing institutions trillions of dollars, therefore I would argue he's their biggest cheerleader.

Federal Funding assignment

Hard to see but, In entered $10,000 paid in income tax, and the data shows that most on the money goes into military, health, and lastly unemployment. Very surprised on how little was distributed into education.

Redistricting multimedia instructions

Basically your vote matters less in certain areas because one party may have a bigger influence in your neighborhood into a district with a majority of the other vote. This is one of the worst parts of our democracy. I also tried the gerrymandering game however couldn’t understand it.

Take the Money and Run for Congress

Political money heavily influences politics. Political fundraisers are events where many politicians go to fundraise. Government reforms and ethics are committees that have the least influences when it comes to getting fund for committees. Having a leadership on a committee can increase the fundraising and the funding that can now reach out and collect more money. Many are expected to raise a lot of money when they are leading the committee or a special interest group. Furthermore, they way that politicians win elections is