Essay on Polymerase Chain Reaction and Caliper Gel Pictures

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1) Get primers (~1.5 hr)

2) Make primer labels, primer dilutions, MMX, and DNA dilutions (~ 1.5 hr)

4) Set up the robot and witnessing robot set up (~45 minutes).

It should take about 4 hours to get the robot started on the first day. If there are more than 30 primers to make on the run, please ask another team member to help you find primers. If two people are looking for primers, it should take 30 minutes for each team member.

If you cant find some DNAs/primers, please do not spend more than 30 minutes looking for them. Please make sure to notify the TM if you cant find primers/DNAs.

***While the robot is running, please file your primers back. DNAs and folder MUST be signed on the first day of the robot!!***


1) Make caliper dilution plates (~20 minutes)

2) Set up caliper and make labels for caliper gel pictures (~30 minutes)

3) Run plates on caliper (each plate takes about an hour, it should not take more than 5 hours).

***While Caliper is running, please get DNAs checked and filed them at this time!***

4) Make rearray on Megatron (or Optimus) (~1 hr)

5) While plates are being rearray'd, please make a copy of the runsheet and print out amp sheets.

6) Exo and incubate in the thermocyclers (~45minutes)

***While plates are incubating for 30 minutes in thermocyclers, please sort out folders!***

7) Dilute plates (~15minutes)

8) Turn in the folders and email the TMs.…