Ponyboy Persuasive Speech

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Ponyboy walked into the courtroom on the crisp fall afternoon. Walking up the stair, you could hear the leafs freshly fallen of the trees crunch under your feet. Ponyboy sat down in the courtroom looking around to see on his sides were full of greasers and on the other were the popular socs. Even the high school populars came and they didn't leave to go anywhere but the mall. “Welcome today said the judge, today we have the plaintiff, socs 1, 2, and 3, and the defendant ponyboy” the judge’s voice echoed in the courtroom making ponyboy shiver but ponyboy was focused on one thing. It was to not lose to the socs. The socs opening statement was very bland saying how he is a treat and the socs don't feel safe around him and on and on. The judge turned to ponyboy and darry. “and your opening …show more content…
“ please show your evidence defendant” the judge said renewing the rooms talking. Darry stood up and walked to the small white board with 6 magnets on it and put up 6 pictures. Darry turned and asked
“ do you know what these are?” every socs head shook their heads no. “ this is ponyboys wounds and there broken bones, also in picture 5 is ponyboys lungs full of water from almost getting drowned by bob. In picture 6 is the amount measured out reading a cup and a half . the doctor said if he had ¼ cup more of water he would not be able to breath. We also tested the water and it was the water coming out of the fountain. So this is leading evidence to show how bob almost killed ponyboy” time flyed by waiting for the judge to give the virdic. Soon the judge yelled out in a strong voice
“we find ponybou not guilty” the greaser won they beat the socs in the court. After the courts cleared the greasers went to celebrate ponyboys victory. Everyoe went exept