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Ch 17 Terms

1. Renaissance 1) 1300-1600 2) Started in Italy and spread out afterwards 3) Was a rebirth of culture 4) Solved the problems that the Black Death had caused before 5) Preserved Greek and Roman culture which led to a switch from scholasticism to humanism

2. Humanism 1) Belief that people should look to old culture but continue to grow 2) Founded in the Renaissance 3) Studied literature, history, and philosophy 4) Became the new outlook on art 5) Used to study Greek values

3. Secular 1) Basic spirit of the Renaissance 2) Worldly; concerned about what happened in the present 3) Humanists believed people should celebrate as much now without disrespecting god 4) Church leaders even switched to this 5) The wealthy enjoyed material luxuries, good music, and fine foods

4. Patron 1) Followers of art 2) Church leaders spend huge amounts of money for the progression of art 3) The wealthy became involved through this 4) The wealthy would pay for a portrait to support artists 5) Patrons were key for the Renaissance because they were direct funding for it to grow

5. Perspective 1) New technique 2) Showed three dimensions on a flat surface 3) Artists used this to make portraits of important citizens 4) Donatello used this technique to make sculptures more realistic 5) David was a favorite subject to use this technique on

6. Vernacular 1) Writes would write in their native language 2) Dante was the example who wrote in Italian instead of Latin 3) Writers of the Renaissance began trends from this 4) Renaissance writers would write for self expression or for others 5) Francesco Petrarch was another example of a person who wrote in Italian and Latin

7. Utopia 1) An ideal place 2) Thomas More wrote the book Utopia to try to convey a perfect area 3) The book created a situation where greed, corruption, and war was gone; money became of little value 4) More’s works were translated into different languages because of how popular his idea was 5) Utopia would never exist because of factors that More tried to take out

8. William Shakespeare 1) Most famous writer of the Elizabethan Age 2) Also regarded as the greatest playwright of all time 3) Lived in Stratford-upon-Avon 4) He performed at the Globe Theater 5) He used humanism also

9. Johann Gutenberg 1) German craftsman 2) Created the first printing press 3) His invention made it possible to mass produce copies of the bible 4) People started to write their own books 5) First invention of the printing press

10. Indulgence 1) A pardon from all the sins people committed 2) Was used to get money for the church 3) Johann Tetzel sold them, he proposed that it would send people to heaven 4) Martin Luther stopped Tetzel from selling them 5) Indulgences were used as propaganda of Christianity

11. Reformation 1) Led my Martin Luther 2) He criticized the Church 3) He said that the values they had in the Church didn’t match what the Bible said 4) Started by saying indulgences weren’t true 5) Leo