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Question Number 8
8. As a teenager I am on my phone constantly throughout the day, whether I am at school or if I’m home alone, I always have my phone on me or near me. Or I am on the internet using Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, or other social media websites to communicate with others around the world. I like to be connected to those around me and see what they are up to in their day-to-day lives, whether it’s them posting a tweet or a new Instagram picture. In the video “Growing Up Online” they talk about a guy named Greg and how he is online every day, all day. He uses the computer to go on social media websites, play games, and do other various activities while on the computer. Greg stays up in his room on his computer all day, only to come out for dinner. Greg recently joined the armed forces and will not be able to use the internet for two months while he is there. I think about disconnecting from social media and mobile communication all the time and really want to do it for a certain period of time to see if I am actually capable of doing so. Sometimes during the summer I would just leave my phone in my car or room just to get away from all of that and just enjoy time to myself and or with my friends. But the problem was when I did that; my friends would still have their phones and sit on them while we would be hanging out. When this would happen I would venture back to get my phone because I would be so bored or feel left out while they were just sitting texting or tweeting. I would enjoy disconnecting because I feel like you would embrace the time you have to yourself and with others instead of being on the internet the whole time.

Response to a Peer

After reading Georges post, I am in complete agreement with him on the points he makes throughout the paragraph. The main point that I really like is where George writes "I’m a pretty judgmental human, and seeing all