Essay Poor Living Conditions

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India Belton
Essay 2
English 1010
July 27, 2013
Professor Long
Poor Living Conditions Affects Children While most people live their day to day life, there are some children living in poverty. Living in these types of living conditions can influence the mental health of a child. Children living in poor quality environments can be a lasting effect on their life. Adults are often affected by poor living conditions because of the financial strain on them; not being able to provide for their families. Children will be affected differently than adults; kids are easily influenced until they reach adulthood. Of course, children learn how to act and behave form where they grew up. Influences come from older kids and adults in the area.
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This is one of the many factors that mainly children are not properly prepared for the struggles in life or entering school. This situation causes the leading provider the work harder for less pay. However, the quality family time is disrupted from long hours due to multiple jobs and not enough help. Children that don’t have enough attention early on have development problems. “Evidence suggests that many of the effects of poverty on children are influenced by families’ behavior. Low-income families often have limited education, reducing their ability to provide a responsive stimulating environment for their children.” (Coleman, J.) Low-income families use harsh parenting styles to discipline their children. This can be due to the fact of the financial strain of being poor. Children need to have advantages to be able to succeed in this world. Education plays a major role of being able to have a chance to live at a decent life. Families that are below the government poverty guidelines live in poor neighborhoods usually have high crime rates as well as drugs, violence, and prostitution. The schools are under-funded with poorly prepared teachers; this causes the children and community not to obtain a fair future. Situations like this at hand made the government to come up with solutions to try to fix the problem in low-income neighborhoods. The programs included local recreation centers that provide after school