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The Poor and Orphans of Brazil There are large amounts of people in Brazil that live in poverty unfortunately due to the issues of income inequality for instance. Brazil is a middle-income country and is also rich in natural resources but still, as a whole, 35% of their people live in poverty and have an income of less than 2 dollars a day and in more rural areas in Brazil, the percentage can reach up to 52% of the people living in poverty. “About 19% of the total population, or around 36 million people, live in rural areas, this means that Brazil has about 18 million poor rural people, the largest number in the Western Hemisphere” (Rural Poverty Portal Web). Many children in Brazil are left as orphans because of their parents not being able to support them and feed their children. “Brazil - there are 3-4 million street children.4 800,000 child prostitutes. The average homeless child survives 3 to 4 years on the streets. Almost half of all street children in Brazil will die before 18. Girls begin prostitution as early as age 11. Drug-running for money begins as early as age 8. Most children on the streets are between the ages of 5 and 17 years old” (Orphan Lifeline Web). In Brazil, the children that are left in the streets are tend to be called “abandonados”
Which means the deserted ones. ” here are an estimated 12 million abandonados in Brazil. Many of these children are homeless orphans. Others have families, but must work on the street to find money for food. Many survive by shining shoes, begging, washing cars, stealing, or carrying shopping” (Brazil Mission Society Web). There have been numerous attempts for helping the people in Brazil even literally giving money to them. How that works though is a bit different. First thing is that they give money to the people that live under the poverty line (in Brazil, $1.25 per person per day) would be given enough money to get them over that line. Each month, money is loaded onto a card and usually entrusted to mothers (U.S. Catholic Web). They are allowed to use the money however they want to use it as unlike how the U.S. net policy is.
Unfortunately due to the large amount of poverty the children cannot gain the education they need, access to food and even medical care. This’s a huge problem because if the children are not able to get some of the necessities of life such as food, medical