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Jiawei Sun
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Elizabeth Dunham
April 13, 2014
Magic “Harry Potter” “The stories we love best do live in us forever so whether you come back by page or the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home” (SpeakOutStandOut). Nowadays, most of the people know the magical Harry Potter, the hero boy who survived Voldemort, who is the evilest sorcerer, and even beat him to save the whole magic world. Harry is an idol and hero of all people who have ever read the books or watched the movies. Harry Potter books are translated into more than 60 languages and have sold over 400 million copies worldwide (“Social Impact”). The memories of Harry have a huge impact on the whole society. Harry Potter and his friends embody bravery, courage, and friendship, make people love the fantasy magic world and imagination and get a whole generation all over the world together. First, Harry Potter and his friends represent good qualities and express them to the people who read and watch them. The characters in Harry Potter are so young, which makes it easy for children to connect them to their own lives. J. K. Rowling wrote the characters so vividly and realistically that teenagers could relate to. Harry and his friends are not perfect. In addition to the identity of the only person who survived from Voldemort, Harry also has some shortcomings such as not obeying school regulations and teasing his professor. Harry’s best friend Ron sometimes loves bragging. Hermione, another best friend of Harry’s, was Muggles-born. However, these issues never affect their bravery, courage, friendship and curiosity. Harry battles with Voldemort in order to prevent him from scourging of the magic world many times, betting on his own life. Ron can do everything for his best friend—Harry. Hermione overcomes prejudice and is one of the students with the best scores in Hogwarts. Otherwise, the values of Harry Potter and his friends leave a deep impression on the readers. A resident who lives in the West Lafayette, Indiana, said the stories taught her many life lessons: “(The books) taught me about right and wrong, and how the ends do not justify the means. The books also taught me about human nature, how your actions can have a significant effect way down the line”(Hanks). Harry Potter and his friends become young heroes standards now. They are better teachers for bravery, friendship and courage than any other characters. The story makes anyone who watches the movies or reads the book believe he or she can be hero. They become a symbol for these qualities.
Second, the fantasy magic world of J. K. Rowling provides people with unlimited imagination. The objects, such as goods and books have no limitations because of the use of magic. The amazing shops in Diagon Alley, the interesting lives at Hogwarts and the thrilling adventure story just bump into people’s imagination. Rowling introduces us to a completely new world which is also believable. Magic has become more important to modern people than other times before. Reading the books or watching the movies just makes people feel like that it is themselves who live the whole life at Hogwarts. Also, the magic world of “Harry Potter” soothes our spirit world. “Or is it perhaps that people want to believe in this mystical magical world, to make the ‘modern’ society seem less harsh. It gives them a sense of freedom, unlike the modern world or the ‘muggle’ world where things are less creative, more scientifically and evidence based”(SpeakOutStandOut). “Magic” not only saves people from their difficult real lives, but also inspires art. The world with magic suggests to people a world with no general regulation for order. People can create whatever they imagine and think. “Harry Potter” catalyzes many young writers to write their own novels. Dylan Hurwitz was inspired by Harry Potter to create his own art. He not only made a stop-motion animated film after he read the first book, but also wrote fan