Pope John Paul II: A Gift Of God

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Theology says that charisma is a gift of God, that is something you can not learn, it is a natural attribute that is assigned to a person. On the other hand, it is possible to learn everything if we really want that. We can easily stimulate behaviour. In my opinion you just need to practice. You need to practice some techniques to use them in such a critical situation like important speech. Charismatic person for me is a blend of personality, charm, magnetism, and enthusiasm that immediately focuses the attention of people. Unexplored ability to establish an intellectual and emotional connection with another human being, which is often accompanied by effective persuasion skills.
But in my opinion, the person who has learned charisma can be very easily recognized. Probably we could see the difference very quickly by the apparent stress and small things like that.

I could consider myself as a someone with the potential to be charismatic. I think that people who know me should decide/say whether I am charismatic or not. I have some experience in public speaking so it would not be a problem but it is really difficult to say.

I chose Pope John Paul II as a prophet. We shall understand "prophet" a purely individual bearer of charisma, who by one's mission proclaims religious teaching or divine commandment. No radical distinction will be drawn between a "renewer of religion" who reveals a new meaning in an older revelation, actual or fictitious, and a "founder of religion" who brings completely new revelations. (Priest And Prophet, Max Weber). John Paul II had a special charisma. He respected the essence of the family. He taught that kindness and sexuality as a value understood by the love of two people was the most important gift that a man could get. He taught that through love of neighbor you will know the goodness of God. He strove to achieve widespread belief that the church does not interfere in the