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When I was about four years old I remember sitting on my grandfather Hank’s lap, in the living room, watching the Dodgers play baseball. During little league season, I used to help my brother and cousin warm up before are games by throwing the ball back and forth to each other, pitching fast ones at my brother, and running bases to see who could get a home run faster. I miss the old times we used to have when we were young, the memories will always be remembered. Now that I am an adult, married with four children, I help my own little ones get warmed up for their baseball games, and volunteer as team mom every season.
Baseball has been a part of my family’s entertainment since my twin girls we still in my womb. I remember watching the great Arizona Diamondbacks playing the World Series in the year of 2001. I watched every game on the television cheering them on. The night I watched their winning game was an intense, sitting at the edge of my seat kind of night. Luis Gonzalez’s walk-off hit won us the 2001 World Series. I was so galvanized that I was jumping up and down screaming, I was sure that I was going to end up in labor later that night but pulled through. Till this day we still keep baseball in our hearts. Are family goes to the professional games, watch are children’s little league games on the weekends, or have the family gather around in the living room and watch the ball games on the screen at home, while we barbecue and snack out on veggies, cheering are teams on!
The off season of baseball is a little bit of a disappointment to us but we seem to get by. Are family enjoys the winter weekends by going to the family sports center or the neighborhood park. We spend most are weekends in the batting cages or pitching tunnels, having a great time