Popular New Inventions Essay

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Technology of the Decade So far there have been many popular new inventions in the world of technology in the
2000s. The most popular ones are just meant to be for fun and enjoyment or something to pass the time. For the year 2000, the Playstation 2 was created and was an instant success.
In homes everywhere there were children and teenagers gathered around tube televisions playing games controlled by handheld controllers connected to a gaming station. The following year there was iTunes, a program for downloading and listening to music from your computer or iPod. This was a convenient way to listen to all your favorite songs by yourself or with friends. Skipping ahead to 2004, Facebook was created. At first this new social network was just something some people have heard of, but it quickly became a trend that few people could live without. Facebook has become more than just a website for many, but also a regular part of their day. Have you ever wanted to watch a funny video online? Or perhaps a demonstration tutorial on how to perform a particular task? Well in 2005, a site titled
"YouTube" was made to show you just that and much, much more. Once it was realized that kids need to spend less time on the couch and move around a bit, there was yet another game station invented. It is called the Nintendo Wii and the objective is to play games that require putting your body in motion using a wireless controller. For many children and teens, the Wii was at