Essay about Popularity: Cristiano Ronaldo and Popularity Mr Chairman

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Mr Chairman, Adjudicator, fellow pupils, this week I have been looking forward to writing a speech for the 27th annual Queenie McMullan Public speaking contest. Then it dawned on me, what do I speak about? I stared at the computer screen for days on end. Finally I decided I would speak on the title, “popularity”. We all like to have an abundance of friends and this topic is one that everyone can relate to.
Firstly you may ask what is popularity. Well according to my Father popularity is when something or someone is loved and desired by others. For example Mrs Hunter is very popular with the pupils at Ballymena Academy.
But as I said at the beginning popularity was something we all want. I just said was something we all want because hopefully at the end of this speech you will have changed your mind on the topic.
A wise man once said “It is better to be hated for who you are, than loved for who you are not“
This short sentence may not look or sound like very much but the meaning really does put your priorities in life into perspective.
Since a young age we have learnt to do things to please others. We see this every day in all aspects of life. We try to please teachers, parents and are bosses. We also see it in sport; football, rugby and hockey. In these sports we have the ball hogs and the poser. The ball hogs think they are unbelievable and the poser aka Cristiano Ronaldo or Gavin Henson think they only need to look good to draw the plaudits and because we have watched these stars on TV we try to imitate them.
Many people live a false life just to