Population Control Research Paper

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We Need Population Control Polices
Our population growth is making it difficult for our world to maintain population control. As our population grows, the United States is considering population policies. The policies may be effective in the U.S but not worldwide. Only time will tell if our future generation will be in danger or saved. The world can only handle so much. Soon action will have to take place for this issue to be resolved or prevented. We need to have population control policies because it will improve our quality of life, our earth and our economy. The first reason we need to consider population control is because it will make our quality of life better. The United States is 5% of the world so one would think it doesn’t make a difference to the world’s population. It has much more responsibility than any other country in the world. If the United States continues to get bigger then we will have more than 1 billion people and will get bigger by the hour. Every hour there are 10,000 people who are produced and entered to this world (Rosenberg). That would make it over 8 billion people worldwide. There are many affects from our drastic increase in population. Ever since 1990 illegal immigrants have increased by 4.5 million ( Hopkins). Today there are 8 million immigrants living in the U.S illegally. For example, we have already faced immigrants migrating to the U.S. Illegal immigrants make it hard for hospitals to stay open. They burden the health care system and pay no financial bills. They burden the education system. For example, if people keep multiplying what will happen to our roads? Traffic would be much worse! With all of the gas and gas prices rising each day, We are damaging or roads with gas leaks, tire marks, car crashes, etc. Traffic will always be backed up and streets and highways will be always crowed because of the multiplying of people. We need to institute population control policies to maintain a quality life and reduce the number of people in the United States including, illegal immigrants. The second reason we should control population is to keep the plant clean. The world comes with responsibilities and it’s our job to keep it alive by taking good care of it. The land that we use to enjoy or have for entertainment is now turning into waste land. If our population continues to grow, we will have bad pollution and terrible traffic congestion. The biggest effect on the world with the population increasing is global warming. We already have a damaged ozone layer so the pollution in the air is not helping at all. Believe it or not there are filthy people living in this world. Our basic human needs are water, food, and shelter. As Americans we want ridiculous demands in life. The more advanced cars that have means more fuel that clog up the air with filth. We want greener grass but how is that possible when all we do is feed our environment with our own waste?
Another reason we should control population is because we need to protect our economy. Children who are going to school will soon have the lack of education due to the amount of children being produced each year. There are 130 million children who struggle and can’t receive the right education needed. That will then lead into not having enough teachers for students attending school. The world today already has problems with taxes but it will only get worse from here as we grow. The income has risen rapidly which made the world development more demanding according to. For example, Researchers say that fertility has risen massively from 1.72 births per women in the early 2000s to 1.97 births per women in 2008-09.
People who are against the idea of population policies have a different opinion. Some think that the growth of our people will make businesses bigger and better; we will have more inventions, and we will have more useful idea to use towards the planet. Others like the idea of more people