Essay Population Demographics

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Population Growth Rate: Highest to Lowest Rate

Nigeria: 1st Egypt: 2nd Mexico: 3rd
India: 4th USA: 5th China: 6th
Italy: 7th

1.How do you suppose living conditions differ between the countries furthest along in the demographic transition compared to the country earliest in the transition? How would living conditions in these two countries affect both birth and death rates?
The living condition for countries earlier in the demographic transitions such as health and food supply are improving. Thus better health conditions decrease death rates and more food supply can lead to increasing birth rates. Since living conditions (health and
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This would be challenging because it cannot be done from one day to another and would require some time. 8. What are the most obvious differences between these two countries? What might account for these differences? Notably, these two countries experience direct and fairly constant one-way migration, a factor not taken into account by this simulation. Imagine that a significant percentage of the Mexican population between the ages of 15 and 25 is migrating permanently to the USA. How would this change the shape of the pyramid? The United States has a greater death rate and lower growth rate than Mexico. The United States is further in the demographic transition than Mexico and people are having fewer babies, while Mexico is having more babies and a fewer death rate. If a significant percentage of young Mexican population migrated to the United State, it would cause the United States pyramid to increase in that age group, also increasing the age group between 0-5 when they have babies.
9. Faced with mounting population pressure and the resultant drain on natural resources, many other growing populations feel this urge to migrate, and other dwindling nations already import labor. What is the expected result of a nation whose population is outstripping its resources and ability to feed its people, yet is not allowed to migrate peaceably? A nation whose population is outstripping its