Essay on Porsche Case Study

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Current Situation For years, the Porsche brand stands for expensive, high-performance sports cars. A typical consumer for Porsche is a young, adventurous, wealthy male who enjoys living life on edge (19). This single-minded focus would change in 1998 when Porsche made an announcement to develop an SUV to be released in 2003 in the United States. The new SUV would provide traditional Porsche styling and performance however combines components promoting family and outdoor activities. Porsche would be joining an already intensely competitive market primarily dominated by the Ford SUV. Additionally, the company would unintentionally anger loyal owners and Porsche enthusiasts – many of whom believed that the company has “sold out.” …show more content…
While there is much news covering the launch of the SUV, much of it is negative. It is important to emphasize the positives and the company can do this by a budget increase in advertising.
Negative feedback and word of mouth is what is damaging the potential growth of the company and the sales of the Cayenne. It is important that Porsche does their best to represent themselves well on these brand online communities by encouraging owners to defend their brand.

Implementation and loose ends
- Detract notice of negative press, Internet (Rennlist), and other damaging sources
- Increase brand awareness, publicity, and advertising
- Focus on not only new market segment, but also on retaining brand loyalists
- Hold focus groups and surveys for owners of rival SUVs and owners of Cayennes

Additional Questions
1. How much and in what ways has the launch of the Porsche Cayenne changed the meaning of the Porsche brand?
a. Since the launch of the first Porsche in 1948, “the brand has stood for expensive, high-performance sports cars.” For years, the design, appearance, and overall sports car appeal varied very little. This single-minded focus would change with the announcement of the Cayenne. No longer would the Porsche limit itself to the sports car – it would enter the SUV world as well. However, with this launch did not come a brand redirection rather an extension. According to Wiedeking, “he wanted the vehicle to combine traditional Porsche styling and performance