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Porsha Grayson
English 101
Essay 1
English 101
23 September, 2011 Having a rough day at school there is only one thing on my mind when I get home. Sleep! As I watch the clock, anticipating that the last five minutes of class hurry up, it was dragging on second by second seeming as if it was taking years. I didn’t want to be around d all these people ,all I wanted to do was be in a world by myself for a few minutes, and I figured sleep would do that just fine. Soon I would get all I asked for and more. As I woke up and looked around to see where I was none of it looked familiar. The only thing present at the time was the ocean, sand, I and a few trees. I was completely isolated from the rest of the world. I ran my foot through the sand feeling every warm crystal as possible, it was relaxing and calm I was hoping I did not wake up anytime soon. As I begin to walk around the island in my dream with the warmth of the sand beneath my feet I realized I was the only person there. I called out but no one answered. I looked thought the whole island, step by step it seemed as if my dream was becoming a reality. “It can’t be” I kept telling myself over and over again, not really wanting to face the truth of what was taking place. I started to panic a little, and then in the distance I hear a sound of some kind. As I get closer and closer I recognize what it was, It was a song playing. It just so happens, it’s my favorite song, Motivation by Kelly Rowland. Listening to this song took all my worries away. Granted in her song she talks about how she wants a guy to be her motivation, I just look at it as me being motivated to not stress myself out hopefully help