Portable Technology Fact Sheet Essay

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Portable Technology Fact Sheet
The use of the mobile Technology As of January 2014:
90% of American adults have a cell phone
58% of American adults have a Smartphone
32% of American adults own an e-reader
42% of American adults own a tablet computer
Fig-1. Device Ownership Over Time

Fig-1 Device Ownership Over Time

Cell holders are to a great degree connected to their telephones albeit most don't see that as too huge of an issue.
For some cell holders, their telephone is a vital utility that they check habitually, keep close by at all times, and would experience difficulty working without:
1) 67% of cell holders end up checking their telephone for messages, cautions, or calls — actually when they don't recognize their telephone ringing or vibrating.
2) 44% of cell holders have laid down with their telephone by their bunk in light of the fact that they needed to verify they didn't miss any calls, instant messages, or different upgrades amid the night.
3) 29% of cell holders depict their PDA as "something they can't envision living without.
Cell telephone clients see a few disadvantages to cell possession, however when all is said in done are sure about the profits that versatile integration gives.
At the point when solicited to evaluate the effect from their PDA on different parts of day by day life, cell managers see some acceptable profits — especially regarding the matter of keeping up associations with loved ones:
65% of cell holders say that their telephone has made it "a ton" less demanding to stay in contact with the individuals they think about.
28% of cell holders say that their telephone has made it "a ton" less demanding to plan and timetable their day by day schedule.
26% of cell holders say that their telephone has made it "a great deal" simpler to be beneficial while doing things like sitting in movement or holding up in line.

The Best and Worst of Mobile Connectivity :
The demographic breakdown of cell and Smartphone owners (January 2014):
Fig-3 No. of adults in percentage who have cell phone

Fig-4 No. of adults (in percentage) who have Smartphone

Cell internet access:
Almost two-thirds (63%) of cell holders now utilize their telephone to go internet, as per another study by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project. We call them "cell web clients" and characterize them as any individual who utilizes their mobile phone to get to the web or utilization email. Since 91% of all Americans now possess a cell, this implies that 57% of all American grown-ups are cell web clients. The extent of cell managers who utilize their telephone to go online has multiplied following 2009.
Fig-5 Mobile owner ( in percentage ) use internet

Furthermore, 33% of these cell web clients (34%) for the most part utilize their telephone to get to the web, rather than different gadgets like a desktop, smart phone, or tablet PC. We call these people "cell-for the most part web clients," and they represent 21% of the aggregate cell manager populace. Youthful grown-ups, non-whites, and those with generally low salary and training levels are especially prone to be cell-for the most part web clients.
Cell Phone Activities 2013 :
Completely 91% of American grown-ups own a phone and numerous utilize the gadgets for considerably more than telephone calls. In our latest broadly illustrative overview, we looked in on probably the most famous exercises individuals perform on their mobile phones:

Messaging , getting to the web and sending and accepting email stay well known. In the ballpark of half of cell holders download applications up from 22% in 2009. Numerous utilize certain area based administrations like getting headings or proposals. Almost 50% of cell holders (48%) utilization their telephones to listen to music. The extent of cell holders who use feature calling has tripled since May 2011.
74% of grown-up cell phone holders ages 18 and more seasoned say they utilize their telephone to