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答: Chicken Co, a fried chicken fast food chain targeted at the Asian community, with halal chicken. (Special targeted customer and market segment). 以下用中英文夹杂:肯德基是这个市场的领导者,Yet the market was fragmented,也就是说市场有很多分支,有很多机会.肯德基占炸鸡市场百分之50,主要是在 Drive-through outlets positioned at major roadside locations(就是开车的奥特莱斯那种形式),剩下的市场focussed upon high street niches serving local populations.而这个市场一些独立或者小型的连锁店质量和名气都不好,所以给了Chicken co 机会.In this situation, Immy(创始人的儿子) saw opportunity. He believed there was opportunity to build a brand that delivered value and taste in an environment that gives the customers a sense of confdence in the quality of the food. 然后2009年机会来了.chicken co 成为了second largest independent player(100家店. 第一大的独立连锁130家店,第三大30家店), Immy 决定率先进入采取这个策略.

Immy接手后发现了问题: 很多人不交冠名费royalties (a monthly fee of £300 for the beneft of using the brand) 而且不从公司认证的供货商进货. 导致公司从供货商那拿不到优惠价,进而促使公司供货商价格高,转而促使加盟店继续不从公司认证的供货商进货. 总结: each shop was run to their own standards. Each store looked very diferent. There was no consistency in product quality or even product pricing among Chicken Co franchisees.The situation had progressed to the point that there was very little incentive for the franchisor, Chicken Co, to deliver ongoing beneft / service to existing franchisees, and franchisee had perceived there to be little beneft to following the rules set by Chicken Co.

Immy着手改变. 首先没有卖掉连锁店,因为他觉得卖掉店很多人会失业(none of their branches had been sold. Each branch represented some family’s own livelihood that a family would struggle to make it work no matter what. This was a cultural resource underlying Chicken Co’s business. ) 其次他发现 when franchisees were pushed to pay their royalties, most franchisees were willing to pay their monthly royalties rather then be forced to remove their signage. In a tough market, most franchisees realised that it is better to be a part of a larger brand, then to be a completely unknown independent. 大家都还是觉得跟着一个大品牌好. 再次他还发现many Asian families were increasingly looking for opportunities to set up their own business. 他没打广告很多人都来问可不可以开. 开店需求还是蛮大.

Immy想达到:第一 was able to ofer franchisees lower prices on key branch supplies (chicken, chips, drinks, and oil) as well as branded boxes and drinking cups 第二wanted there to be consistency in product purchasing and quality. 统一.

要让店家听他的,他想了两招:第一offer them operational support, someone they could turn to for advice and training in making a consistent product of high quality and good customer service 第二:centrally organise the purchasing of equipment and shop ftting materials and services so that he could ofer potential franchisees an economic and streamlined way of setting up a shop at a consistent level of ambience and perceived quality. 就是集中购买各种开店材料,既统一,又便宜. 作为交换,店家要付更高的royalty pay a £1000 a month royalty to be a part of a high quality brand

Immy 想让新开的店 capped at £300 a month for the frst six months and after which fees would rise over the next six month reaching a maximum of £1000 a month. 而原有的店 有52家同意交royalty, 48家不同意,就被他关了.

Immy与官方供货商谈判,把价格降低了10%, 如果加盟店所有的材料都采购自官方供货商,价格还会更低.Yet the fact remained that only 13% of franchisees were purchasing all their supplies through the company’s ofcial supplier. 所以还需努力.…