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Year 12 Area of Study: Related Text Portfolio

You are to select THREE texts which capture and explore the notion of discovery.
You are to select only ONE from each text type

You must have a thorough knowledge of the texts you are discussing (yes, you must read the novel).
Ensure you develop a strong understanding of HOW ideas are communicated in the texts. – refer to techniques used and the effect of these techniques in relation to the idea of discovery.
Review the ideas explored in the rubric – which ideas in the rubric are explored in the text.
Consider the journey of the characters/ personalities- the triggers, the process, the effect.

Due: Week 10, 12th December 2014( Hardcopy)

Use the table below to assist with you analysis (complete one table for each text analysed)

Alice in Wonderland
Name (composer):
Lewis Carroll
Date of publication:
Text Type:
What type of discovery is explored in the text?
Self-discovery, physical discovery
Describe the experience of discovery
Alice is discovering the changes throughout puberty of never feeling like she is the right size, for an impressionable young girl this may be very scary and make her feel flawed and unnatural. As Alice struggles to be the correct size to fit through the door she becomes frustrated, theses fluctuations represent the changes a child may feel as their body grows and changes throughout puberty. In order for Alice to understand Wonderland she much solve the Mad Hatter’s riddle, understand the caucus race and the Queen’s game of croquet, continually these things make no sense in Alice mind she is unable to discover what they mean and how they will help her in wonderland. Alice begins to learn that she cannot always expect find the logic or meaning in everything. Sometime life frustrates expectation and resists being interpreted even when problems seen solvable or familiar and Alice must learn to understand and accept this in order to move forward. These frustrations challenge her to grow and discover parts of her mind and body that she didn’t know about, she learns that she doesn’t need to fit everyone’s expectations. We see a symbol of the caterpillar’s mushroom and it may have many different meanings however Alice must master the properties of the mushroom to gain control over her fluctuating size.
What ideas about discovery does it communicate?

Positive notions of discovery?
Negative notions of discovery?

That discovery can lead to finding out about yourself and how to accept yourself just the way you are and that sometimes logic isn’t always the answer it may be something more in your subconscious that you didn’t realise.

Death may be lurking around the corner Alice doesn’t realise many of the things she does in Wonderland put her in danger, it teachers her that Wonderland is more threatening than what it appears to be.
What techniques are used to communicate/capture the experience/ effect of discovery
Techniques used to capture the positive aspects of this experience/discovery
Techniques used to capture the negative aspects of this experience/discovery

The invention of a new word “curiouser” Alice used the phrase “curious and curiouser” to describe her surroundings. This manipulation of language reflects the sense of unlimited possibilities. “Who in the world am I?” Ah that’s a great puzzle. Alice questions herself once again after she has grown into a giant she realises she is not just trying to figure out Wonderland but also attempting to figure out who she is and her identity in the world. Her quest in wonderland becomes a quest to understand the forces and feelings that compromise her identity.

Alice is struggling to deal with the Mad Hatters rudeness, she is given a riddle “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” however she is unable to solve this riddle and beings to question herself and her purpose this is shown through the language games at the tea party. As pointed out by the Mad Hatter Saying what she means