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Portfolio of Advertising Project
1st of May 2013

Mountain Dew
Advertising is such an important part of most industries today, it comes in many shapes, forms and presentations such as written on billboards, newspapers or magazines, on the internet, radio, television, etc. Regardless of the medium it is a vital way of the seller communicating with the buyer.
It is important to find a way to promote softdrinks that pleases many, as a lot of people would rather not see it promoted at all.
First we need to analyse the entire softdrinks industry and market as a whole using various marketing models, this will enable us to pick a right method of entering the market with our campaign referring to factors such as market changes, company strengths/weaknesses, who our most loyal and least loyal customers are, etc. for the product we can predict if the same campaign should be continued for that particular product or changed completely.
It is vital that this report is easy to read through so that my ideas are pitched in the best way possible, we need to look at consumer trends and how they influence the market.
Once we understand the market size and how it is segmented we can begin targeting specific consumer groups. We need to first find out how important each consumer group is and predict their actions in terms of trends.

The 2012 BSDA soft drink report states that sports and energy drinks are one of the fastest growing uk drinks,
This is due to a hectic british lifestyle and a difficult economic environment where harder work is required. In 2010 they were mainly promoted as healthy sport drinks, but the drinks that were made solely for a quick energy boost gained popularity.
The market leaders are without a doubt Cocacola and Britvic, These two multinational corporations have been permanently holding position 1 and 2 across the board.
Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi dominate the industry with their brand loyalty, strategic advertising and the neverending demand for their products Their current biggest advantage is the loyalty their customers have for them, seeing as their products were around and probably even being consumed by most of the market since an early age, they have a wide variety of carbonated drinks, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t expanding and making new customers besides their already extensive regular customer base.
Another thing they have in common is their name is everywhere through various forms of strategic advertising, both britvic’s pepsi and coca cola’s coke like to make use of Celebrity endorsement, this is when an influential famous person promotes the product.
This works really well when the person has a huge following, because a majority of their fans want to be like them and use the products they use. A good example is Beyonce and pepsi and duffy and coke light

It is effective because people feel special when they think they are using the same product as a certain celebrity is using.

I want to use this technique for mountain Dew, but considering how it is one of the cooler more relatable brands out there for young people, it cant be too serious.

Instead of getting a well-respected popular artist, I would get someone that is more of a comical character but is still being looked up to by today’s youth.
The campaign that was recently started with the rap artist ‘Tyler the creator’ is not bad, but it is a bit too offensive, sure it being cancelled from air got a more publicity than the ad itself and there is no bad publicity, but I want to give young people the feeling that they are not being forcefed our product,
But instead genuinely interest them by incorporating mountain into something they already watch.
The two main things I mean by this are the meme’s and the youtube videos.

Coca-Cola’s partnership with the London 2012 Summer Olympics, and its year-long promotion of the same in 2011, boosted sales of the company’s brands. While Britvic made