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Goal # 1
Explore a variety of viable health career options
I have explored many career options during my three years of being in the HEART Academy. In my 10th grade research paper, I talked about being a registered nurse. When I had researched more about this profession I became more interested in it.
Goal # 2
Gain practical experience in the community health care system
In the summer of my Junior year, I was given the opportunity to internship at the Redlands Community Hospital. I chose to be in the nursing department which allowed me to experience this career firsthand. During this time, I learned many basic techniques which would allow me to build on in the future.
Goal # 3
Compete more successfully for positions in health care.
In my Junior year before the internship, my teacher Mrs. Manning wanted to see if we were professional enough to be allowed to internship. There was only two spots available for the nursing department which I had wanted. For three weeks I did the best I could to be in my best behavior and it may or may have not made an impact, but I was give the oppurtunity to internship in that department.

Goal # 4
Demonstrate the importance of lifestyle and how it relates to health.
Lifestyle is an important part of health because the way a person lives can decide their future. If someone eats fastfood all the time they would eventually develop a high colesterol. This would also lead to many other symptoms like drowsiness, less energy, or cause a dependency on food. A persons diet can have an effet on the potency of medication being taken also.
Goal # 5
Describe the economics of health care systems.
There are certain rules in the health care system that people do not know or have not been given the oppurtunity to know. One of these would be HIPPA Law, which does not allow someone who was working with a patient to release any of their private information. This is to protect the patient of their rights and their well being from being publicized.

Goal # 6
Develop maturity, drive, and a sense of purpose.
I believe that by my Senior year of high school I developed these three qualities. I showed maturity by taking responsibility of my grades and getting my schedule on task. I show drive and a sense of purpose by increasing my education and applying to a college.

Goal # 7
Describe diversity within areas of specialization.
There is a lot of diversity within specialization which allows someone to go in depth in a career of their choice. One example would be a neuro surgeon that deals with the nerves in the brain. Another would be a cardiologist that understands