Portfolio: Strategy and 1000 - 1200 Word Report Essay

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You will work in a group to investigate a strategic issue facing a company and work out a solution to the issue. You will be required to use a variety of appropriate tools and frameworks to identify the issue, consider options and select an appropriate solution. You must produce a portfolio that records the ideas that your group has worked upon and the investigation and use and application of frameworks. This portfolio is not assessed but is absolutely essential to the successful completion of the assignment.

The Assignment to be handed in:

This is an in individual piece of work. You will produce a 1000-1200 word report that describes the project and it's aims as well as the solution. This will be very brief. The main body of the report will consist of descriptions about how the group identified the specific issues facing the company, how options were generated and why the particular solution was chosen. You should also describe which tools and frameworks were used and any explanation about why they were chosen and how they helped to understand the issues and formulate the options and solutions.


This part is not assessed but it is essentially that you work well as a group and that you record your discussions and take notes about your research and which tools you used. Suggested content for the portfolio are:

Selection of the firm and the issue:
• Press cuttings or web articles about various business that might be likely ‘candidates’ for the