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Having completed a set of ten portfolios throughout this semester I can look back with contentment because of the time and work I have put in for this module during this semester. The completion of the portfolio has helped me gain new and valuable knowledge about myself and as a future professional accountant.

With the completion of these activities I have gained and improved critical, analytical and integrative thinking and as a result of this I will be able to use what I have gained as an advantage in the future development as a business professional. Starting from week one we were given a chance to ponder on our thoughts and everything we have learnt and give a analytical and critical discussion of that weeks topic.

We were also given a chance to voice our personal thoughts towards what we have learnt. At first the completion of these activities took a vast amount of my time, however as I look back on my learning I am glad that I spent the time on completing these activities as I was given a chance to dig deeper on that particular weeks topic by researching via the world wide web and other resources and give my thoughts, opinions and comments on what I have learnt. Thus giving me a chance to build my personal judgment and initiative which will act as an incentive for me to use as a future business professional. Being able to voice your own thoughts and feelings in a situation at a professional level is greatly appreciated by company representatives.

The content of research though out this activity has also increased my research capabilities and problem solving capabilities. I learnt that I lacked these capabilities and the professional portfolio gave me a chance to develop these capabilities throughout the 12 weeks of my study. The activity that drew my attention and interest was tutorial 12 – week 13. At the week 13 lectures we were taught a new kind of accounting – Integrated accounting we were taught that this will change the phase of accounting in the future, therefore…