Portman Hotel Essay

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This essay will examine three human behavioral issues that have evolved from the social sciences in the context of managing organizations. The case study that will be used to analyze these conditions and theories deals with The Portman Hotel Company-San Francisco. Three issues will be addressed in the following order: fundamental attribution error, Expectancy Theory, and Operant Conditional Theory. First, a brief description will be provided for each theory, then how the theories relate to the case study will be analyzed, and finally, recommendations will be provided in an attempt to correct or alleviate the management difficulties being experienced at the Portman. First, we will take a look at fundamental attribution error (FAE). …show more content…
Since there was essentially no reward/valence for generating that extra output the responsible PVs were less and less motivated to perform. Another reason why the valets lost their sense of responsibility was their disillusionment towards their job. When the hotel first started operations it was assumed that PVs would serve as multi-role servants to the guests. However, as time went by, these valets were being relegated to cleaning duties and their other tasks being taken on by other staff members. This sense of being mislead, on top of unrealized tip earnings (as promised by Scott), might have caused many of the valets to loose faith in the system. So how do we correct this problem and get the valets to perform to their maximum potential? Well, this is a delicate issue in light of management's current philosophy towards punishment. Scott did not believe in disciplining poor performers. He was very lenient and gave his staff a lot of discretion. So in order to motivate the staff a better reward system has to be established. Ask what the employees like in terms of perks and tie these rewards into performance. Recognize good performers publicly so they know they are valued within the company. Instead of giving the "associate of the month" $200, give him a reserved parking space. Many of the employees probably commute and given the inadequate