Portmanteau and Favorite Rap Song Essay

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The Teenager's Tale
There once was a girl who lived in a town,
Her parents were strict and that never died down.
There was soon to be a party which all will attend,
She asked if she could go for she wanted to blend.
She was very persistent when asking permission,
Her dad's answer was "no" for he had his suspicions.
She argued and fought but there was really no use,
For she wasn't allowed to causally let loose.
She respected the fact that her parents were protective,
But they never regarded their daughter's perspective.
She built up such anger towards her rents,
For they forbid her to go to such harmless events.
She then put together a secretive scheme,
To get to this party she'd go to extremes.
She would steal her dad's car in the middle of the night,
And travel to her friend's house that was far out of sight.
As the sun went down and her parent's went to bed,
She was waiting and waiting with thoughts of such dread.
Maybe she would stay home, for she felt this was wrong,
But then she remembered she wanted this all along.
So she hopped in the car and left for the night,
While driving she felt unexpected delight.
Here she was finally getting her way,
She payed no attention to the fact she betrayed.
Once she got to the party, she was offered a drink,
She took it, drank it, and didn't once think.
She was offered another and one more after that,
She took those and drank them in 5 seconds flat.
By then she was drunk and not able to drive,
But she got in the car thinking she would survive.
She went through red lights while speeded along,
All while she turned up her favorite rap song.
She was not aware of the stop sign she passed,
Crashing into a truck, going far too fast.
She was ejected from the car and hit the ground,
And she couldn't get up, there was blood all around.
She blocked out the noise of the horns and sirens,
Laying on the cold ground, not a word, it was silent.
Thousands of thoughts racing