Portuguese And Inca

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term paper is alloted 2 hours of written work. term paper is about portuguese and inca. both distributed indigenous people for labor on land and rationed labor forces. both got paid small amounts but most money was used to pay governemnt or master with tribute. Abuses under the system were frequent and severe and had to pay debts until death. As a result populations decimated and declined. There was a scarcity of labor and developed competition to get the repartimiento. Officials were bribed and bought uff. Each Indian community found itself under the system and had to provide labor force to the system. REpartimientos were given different names - mita in Peru and cuatequil in Mexico. Both were a mix of spanish raitoined labor and indian traditions. most mitas originated in se of cuzco and worked in mines daily. they were gathered by captain general of mita, who escorted them out of villages to the mines. the crown tried to replace the repartimiento by concertaje system where indians were forced to sell public labor in the plaza so that they wouldn't be distributed by a colonial beureaucrat but bargaining would take place. it iddn't work and native populatoin didn't show up. in the repartimiento indians were paid a miniscule salary but expected to pay tribute with wages. additional loans were made tow orkers by employers but indians had to pay loans with labor service. children had to pay for parents debts if parents died. there were no peaceful deaths. it was inevitable