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Jerik Fernandez
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Political Science
December 10th, 2014
Health Care Policy Proposal 1. What is the name of your Health Care Plan? Why have you chosen this name?
a. The name we chose for our Health Care Plan is the Feel Good Policy. The name is an inviting one and gives a universal understanding of the goal of the policy, which is for everyone in the United States to “feel good” about their health. and to feel like they have the tools to live a long and healthy life .
2. Why are you presenting changes to the current healthcare system?
a. The goal of our policy is to provide lower cost premiums for basic insurance, covering all United States residents, giving people the opportunity to afford health insurance at a reasonable cost without having them to pay too much. Also having one insurance company oversee all operations without them making too much profit because it’s low cost.
3. If your policy includes universal coverage. Who is covered and why? Can certain people be excluded from the program? Why have you come to this conclusion?


a. We will provide universal health care to all residents living in the United States.
We want everyone in the United States to live a long and healthy life. The United
States are ranked the 34th country in life expectancy. If everyone is given basic universal coverage, hopefully the life expectancy of the average American will raise. 4. Does this program have an individual mandate? Can people “opt out”? Is this even applicable in your program? Why did you structure your program this way?
a. Yes this program does have an individual mandate. People can opt out for a fee.
To opt out the person must pay 2% of their yearly income. We want everyone to have basic universal health care but we also want residents who don’t believe in this system to use their own alternative health care methods.
5. What services are covered?
a. Prescriptions, Doctor office visits, basic dental (cleaning, check ups, etc…), check ups. These are the services we’re offering because they are the most common needed health care services. We do however have the option to upgrade in a sense if you want your insurance to cover more optional treatments like plastic surgery etc. Only if it is life threatening situation will the insurance cover something like plastic surgery if you were to get caught in fire or something like that and needed it to survive.
6. Who manages the health insurance and care? What is your reasoning for this management structure?
The government manages the health insurance. They run it in the sense that they get all of the applications and do all of the paper work. But, they don’t


get to decide whether or not people get denied or accepted and how much they have to pay. A system will be set up and will calculate everything like that for them to make sure nothing gets changed without going through the right steps.
8. Who pays for the services? Is there cost sharing? Exactly how does this work? How much would the program cost on average for a family of four? Why did you decide to structure your program this way?
a. Government is paying for the health care. No cost sharing for monthly payment.
Must pay out of pocket for services not included in our policy (surgery, orthopedic, plastic surgery, specialty practices). $300 a month for an average family of four. Structured our program this way because we do not charge for basic services but specialty services cost out of pocket.
9. Where does the money come from to pay for the program?
a. Depending on how much you make, you’ll be taxed more
10% of your annual income will go to paying for the program.This way everyone is getting charged the appropriate amount and the rich isn’t getting charged less than they should and the middle class more than they should. Everyone will contribute to the program which will make it