Poseidon: Human Rights Report Essay

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Violation of human rights in brazil.
2nd period

Brazil is well known because of their rich culture, soccer, and carnivals. There is many ways that the humans rights are been violated in Brazil, and that have been violated in the past years. For example the human rights that are being violated and have been violated are the people that are in prison and the police abusing the people rights. The prisoners have been violated their rights for a long time, because they have been held in pre-trial detention, because of what they did. The police in Brazil have been violated their peoples human right because they don’t let them say what they want or do what they want , because they can get arrested and get put in jail. The conditions in Brazil’s prison are very bad and poor. In September, a 14 year old was laured to the heleno fragoso semi-open in Belem’s metropolitan region. Where she was drugged and raped over a period of four days, she later escaped and told the police that to other adolescent were being used as prostitutes within the unit. In February, in Brazil the council workers with bulldozers, were accompanied by municipal guards, arrive without warning the community of Vila harmonia, Rio de Janeiro several communities threatened with evictions because of the construction, some of the residents did not even had enough time to cleared all their belongings from their home before they were demolished, they didn’t even had the right to say no and keep their home, and if they did not get out of their homes the municipal guards that were coming with the council workers would of taking them out by force. In 2006 in Brazil voter elected president silvas of the workers party to second four term in a general free and fair election the federal government generally respected human right, in the past months, but there was a continues number of abuses, and the…