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Committee: United Nations Human Rights Council
Topic: Slavery
Country: Hungary

I. Worldwide, slavery is an issue which is constantly being battled by governments and organizations in every country. However, as much as countries try to eliminate this inhumane practice, there are still several factors which contribute to the continuation of slavery, such as extreme poverty, corruption of government officials, and the lack of education received by those who are involved in slavery. Though slavery is outlawed in all countries, there is still an enormous amount of people who are currently enslaved. Hungary is primarily a transit, but also a source and destination country for trafficked persons. It is estimated that over 150,000 people are trafficked in Hungary each year, 22% being younger than 18 and 60% belonging to the poor Roma population of Hungary. The country of Hungary is aware of this situation and is actively involved in working to stop the issue of slavery.

II. To whoever is a victim, slavery is a practice which needs to be stopped to provide Human Rights to all people living in the world. The delegation of Hungary understands the crucial problems slavery, mostly human trafficking, causes to the country. The victims include Roma women and girls who grow up in Hungarian orphanages and are highly vulnerable to internal sex trafficking. Also included are Eastern European people such as Romanians, Russians, and Ukrainians. And, although a smaller number, it is estimated that there are about 500 children currently involved in the trafficking business. Hungary has already begun dealing with the issues in a victim-oriented program. One such program, with the aid of various NGO’s such as the National Crisis Management and Information Telephone Service (OKIT), the government provided a 24-hour hotline for the enslaved, which referred callers to a shelter for trafficking victims for up to six months. Also, the government provided an option