Essay on Positive Psychology and Visual Aid

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Michael Carlston
Peer Review
The main purpose of this speech was obviously to tell peers and Mr. South a little bit about yourself and that is exactly what Rodney demonstrated. He may have explained four examples about him very well but he should have had a visual aid to keep the audience’s attention. But in order to keep the attention he should have gotten the attention in the first place with and attention getter. Although he did preview his main points, that’s all that he really did to start the speech off. His speech flowed even with all of the um’s and uh’s that he used during his speech but there were no real pauses or breaks noticeable for someone not paying extra attention to the speech. Even though Rodney didn’t have note cards he would not stop looking down, in a speech a person should be looking up the whole time except for an occasional glance down at his/her notecards or looking over to check if their visual aid was going well. He shouldn’t have had his phone on the podium with him because it distracted him from actually giving the speech sometimes. During a speech people should have high confidence in themselves but Rodney would keep asking if he could just not do it or to start over. He should have kept going with his speech even if he thought that it was the worst speech in the world, which is wasn’t. Although Rodney didn’t follow a lot of the instructions and recommendations for his speech, he made it flow and still entertained the