Positive Risk Taking Essay

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Support positive risk taking in everyday life

Explain ways in which risk is an integral part of everyday life,

Risk for most people is an accepted part of everyday life e.g. catching a bus or walking to the shop etc... will carry some element of risk. Risk is associated with our health, safety, security, well being, employment, education, daily activities, using resources and equipment and community participation. Some adults such as those who are disabled or who are older are usually discouraged from taking risks with their budgeting, planning, employment and their daily living skills usually because people fear for their limitations or that they might hurt themselves or others. Everyone has the right to take risks and make
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Informed and positive risk taking is about quality of life being lived to the full whilst people in the community are kept safe, by meeting what is important to them, how they would keep themselves and others safe. Remember that positive and informed risk taking needs to touch on what the law says and allows i.e. legislation within The Human Rights Act.

Proportionality, The management of risk must match the potential harm that could be caused. Using a person centered approach means flexibility. The more serious the task the more time you would consider it in greater detail. Centered approach looks at the consequences of not doing the task that could have potential risks for the resident, family member etc... and being able to balance against the consequences that could happen of taking the risk.

Contextualising Behavior, asks why did the person behaved in a certain way? at this time? in this situation? Part of this process involves getting information regarding previous information about the person, including the history of the resident of the risk they are wanting to undertake from their own perspective, historical data from a variety of sources to look at what has worked in particular situations, and communication charts will help with a persons words and behaviors, seeking their meaning and what the best response should be. This will help to get a understanding of the persons behavior in different context, but also to build a picture of what has been learned