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PSY 707 – Lecture 1: When Stress First Hits
Stress is something threatening to us
Distress is negative
Eustress is positive
Like when graduate, get married, these are gna put stress on you, but positive stress. Bc we don’t mind it, it doesn’t effect our bodies as much.
Deprivational stress, you have no stress and you get stressed about that
Types of stress
Physical stress
Ambient stress – stress that the environment provides us, too hot or cold, too noise, not enough light or too much, etc.
Physiological stress- from our physical conditions, ex cold or flu, etc. not enough sleep, too much exercise, illnesses, anything that makes our bodies not at optimal level and these affect us mentally.
Psychosocial stress (come’s from people around us)
From friends, coworkers, family, etc.. intense relationships or no relationships. Loneliness,
Psychological Stress
How we feel, think, act, its all about ourselves. But all these are interrelated.
General Sources of Stress (impt for pp assign)
Change – requires us to readjust in some way; stress is additive; can we do it quickly and easily enough??
Frustration - provides a sense of stress for us. What it really is when u have a goal that’s actually in sight, but something blocks it; if happens to you, identify the goal and the blocker and figure out how to overcome the obstacle; the more impt the goal, the more frustration you feel when its blocked; if not dealt with, it can build up;
Conflict – conflict in your own mind, is really related to decision-making; conflict occurs when the decision is a little tougher and one thing we want comes into conflict with something else we want.
Approach-approach conflict – go into store and try on 2 things, and u love both but gotta choosee one. 2 chopice (approaches) and w in eitther wway; we like this kind of conflict. We cant have both, we can only choose one
Avoidance-avoidance – you gotta make a choice, but eitherr way your not gna like it. We put it off thinking it may go away, but mostly it doesn’t.
Approach-Avoidance conflict – wants to ask girl out (approach) but she might say no so you dontt (avoidance); the closer to get to the decision the heavier the avoidance side gets for us;
Double Approach-Avoidance: go into social work or businness, gotta choose one of thosee and each of thosee has its own pros and cons