Positive Views On Society

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Our society has considerably changed over the years. Our recent technological advances have substantially increased the speed in which we are advancing. There are many positive matters and progress in the general state of society. However, at the same time there is still plenty of corruption and negative matters happening as well. I believe society is not in the best condition that it should be. Although, I find that the direction in which society is headed is the route to improvement. The reasons to my positive outlook on society are the gradual growth toward a green society, social equality, and the continued advancement in technology. People have become increasingly aware of the damage we are causing our world. Although it is slowly happening people are becoming more conscious of what is happening the our planet. For example, when I was a sophomore in high school I noticed that there were solar panels being positioned on the roof of our parking lot. Rather soon they were being installed in all schools throughout my community. This event made me become more interested into why it was happening. Therefore I was a bit more informed on our environment and what we could do to improve it. Not only did that happen but I also noticed other changes in my community. Even if in certain communities or neighborhoods there are no significant changes we all watch a little bit of television occasionally. There are more commercials that initiate the idea of going green. Especially in children’s channels there are a substantial amount of shows and commercials that show that things like recycling and turning the lights off when they are not needed are encouraged. With all these minor but affecting events occurring, I believe that our society has a better chance of going green. Another area in which our society has developed significantly is that of social equality. There have been many periods in our society in which there are issues with equality. For example, women’s rights and segregation. Fortunately those issues have been resolved. I’m not saying that there are not certain people out there that are not completely accepting of it, but those people who are sexist and racist are frowned upon by our society. The majority of humans look at everyone equally based on race and gender. Human rights are more merciful nowadays. Even the recent issue of gay marriage is now legal. Being recent, there are still those who do not agree with gay marriage but those with a more open mind may have no problem with it or may even support it. Furthermore, human rights are increased. What is frowned upon today, might be accepted tomorrow. Some say that technology